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Hypertension varies among the three phases: I - initial, characterized by unstable (transient), increased blood pressure, which rapidly returned to normal at this stage of organ damage is absent, however you can Buy Cheap Lasix Online. In Phase II, a steady increase in blood pressure persists only with drug use, early signs of organ damage. Phase III identifies several sets of characters organ damage caused by organic changes of vessels and organs of their supplies, but it can cure by Lasix Order Online. At any stage of the disease may be a sudden increase in blood pressure - hypertensive crisis). Purchase Lasix Online before the diagnosis of essential drugs (primary) hypertension is mainly based on the detection of elevated levels ofsystolic and diastolic blood pressure, and causes of secondary education (symptomatic) hypertension.

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It can beassumed in the following cases Where To Buy Lasix: persistent elevation in blood pressure from childhood to adolescence, duringpregnancy (nephropathy), and blood pressure in his arms higher legs, or long delay in the absence of femoralpulses ( coarctation of the aorta) changes in urine, back pain (renal hypertension), severe convulsions,accompanied by chills, sweats, palpitations, tachycardia, decreased visual acuity (pheochromocytoma), with suddenweakness, paralysis, paresis, and transient, thirst, polyuria (hypokalemia, Cohn's disease) in the course ofhypertension resistant to antihypertensive treatment Ordering Lasix. These patients should be referred to hospital for a specialexamination to clarify the diagnosis at Chaep Generic Viagra. Lasix Order Online treatment begins with a non-drug methods, including therapeutic food (by restricting fluid and salt intake,obesity - by limiting the daily consumption), alcohol consumption, limiting smoking cessation, Ordering Lasix, respect for workand rest, physical therapy, physiotherapy (electrical, electrophoresis of drugs and hot - cold carbon dioxide orpine, radon, hydrogen sulfide baths, circular shower and fan, etc..

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Buy Cheap Lasix Online including the pharmacological treatment of hypertension, as recommended by the Association of Cardiologists in Moscowshould be conducted in the following cases: when the blood pressure rises to 160/100 mm Hg art. and more, withless BP 160 mm Hg / 100. at fault, not treatment, with the participation of target organs (left ventricularcardiac hypertrophy, changes in the fund, changes in the urinary sediment and / or increased levels of creatininein the blood) in the presence of two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease (dyslipidemia, smoking, etc..) Purchase Lasix Online and choice of drug treatment is carried out according to plan the next step: Step 1 - a diuretic iontophoresis (Table2 triampur Arifon Morning - Morning .. 1 table), or a beta-blocker (cardioselective preferred drugs commonly usedor atenolol 50 mg 2-methoprene lol twice a day), 2 nd stage - combined diuretic and beta-blockers; Step three -add vasodilator therapy Lasix Order Online (ACE renitek a dose of 5 mg to 20 mg twice daily, or calcium channel Norvasc 5-10 mg oncedaily, or prazosin benign, starting with a dose of 0.5 mg per day).

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Treatment can be initiated at any time of treatment failure and the next step, the choice of antihypertensivetreatment lasts a few days or weeks, but you must Buy Cheap Lasix Online. The treatment must be long (months, years), the review of the treatment, ifit ceases to be effective, or if you have identified adverse effects of all medications prescribed. Ordering Lasix is necessary for the failure of patients to appropriate treatment and symptomatic hypertension issuspected, to clarify the diagnosis. The prognosis of hypertension useful in the early stages of the disease and worsens when the severe and rapidprogression in patients with severe organ damage. Cheap Lasix Order Online - It 's so important for early diagnosis of disease through themeasurement of blood pressure in the physical checks.

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